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How to choose the best moving and storage company?

  1. Check that the moving company you are going to trust is legally incorporated. The visual aspect of trucks is not a guarantee of quality, honesty and good service.
  2. To understand the real volume of your belongings the moving company must visit you in your home to obtain a serious budget.
  3. Choose a company that offers moving insurance and guarantee. They will compensate you in case of damage and deterioration. The cost of informality is very high in moving services. We recommend you avoid taking risks!
  4. In case you need the storage service, check the good condition of the warehouse where you choose to leave your belongings.
  5. Make sure that the storage company has a municipal opening license and procure an insurance against fire or theft.

How to organize your moving?

  1. Classify the goods that will be disposed and those that will be moved to your new home. It’s a good opportunity to identify all the items you don’t use. You can sell or donate things you don’t use.
  2. Clear the area where our staff will handle your belongings. Avoid objects that can cause accidents during the move (marbles, toys, skates, liquids, among others.)
  3. Notify the management about your moving schedule and request the respective authorization for the use of the elevator if you live or will move to a building.
  4. Disconnect your refrigerator 24 hours before the day of your move. Close the gas valves.
  5. Disconnect electrical appliances 5 hours in advance. In this way, they will be found at room temperature and internal damage will be avoided.
  6. Stay at the property until the moving company has finished the job.
  7. Keep vehicles with the minimum fuel if you plan to move them.
  8. It is important that you let us know in advance if you have ceramics or paintings that are original replicas according to Law No. 27244 to manage the corresponding authorizations.

You should remember!

  1. Make a list of people, companies and organizations that should be informed of your new address. Notify them of your change of address and/or trip in advance.
  2. Pay off your electricity, water, cable, landline and mobile phone bills, among others.
  3. Make a last inspection of your old home address before leaving, so you can verify that you haven’t forgotten anything.
  4. Check the validity of your passports.
  5. Prepare the documents requested by ATLAS for the shipment of your personal effects and household goods.
  6. Make a valued list for the insurance of personal effects and / or household goods that will be transferred to the new address.

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